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Our Approach

Our approach is quite simple; To provide a one stop total solution to the customer, whether it be designing, engineering, prototyping or sourcing to achieve quality, lower costs and consistent supply. We achieve this by tapping into resources which are local, overseas or any combination thereof. The steps:

1. Initial review/assessment:

Customer requirements are discussed to understand their need for development and/or sourcing. This allows us to assess their requirements for parts & materials whether from a single source or multi source. It also includes assessing the need for local or overseas resources.


2. Evaluate available options:

Based on the initial assessment, various options are looked at and generated. These options are then discussed with the customer and fine tuned per their input.

3. Finalize Path:

Once the options are fine tuned, a final path/option is decided to produce/source the final product, its quality and its location. Quality details are also finalized.


4. Process & Supply:

Schedules and timelines are made to suit the customer. Processing and deliveries are started. Quality control guidlines are implemented. Feedback from the customer also becomes a part of our continual quality improvement system.

We achieve total customer satisfaction through flexibility, adaptability and meeting their ever changing requirements.